Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not that easy being green

Finally opening the windows allowed large amounts of pollen to drift and settle. Result: most surfaces chez moi are currently topped by a mean green sheen, and it’s not invited to stay. Thing is, though, I can’t stand house cleaning. Ooh, I finally have some free time: now I can tackle those grout stains – just not the way my mind works. My inner lazy ass figured I could do the floors just by walking around in a pair of

slipper genies, but unless I did some really sloppy-legged walking, I was really just re-distributing my dust, lint, hair and dead skin particles and mixing them in with the green-ness.

Thought I’d also try the “magic” erasers some of my friends have been raving about. What the hell are these things made of and what’s so magical about them? My magic eraser is always too small, tends to fold under pressure, or it does the same thing my erasers did in elementary school: tears the paper.

I ended up giving the
RoboMaid a whirl.

It sweeps any floor surface, and the robotic ball in the center is kind of cool, but my RoboMaid had a nasty habit of going into rotating mode and cleaning the same area over and over while completely neglecting others. Think I’m going to make the dog wear the genie slippers while she herds the RoboMaid around, and hope for the best.